Our SB326 & S721 Scope of Services

Our SB326 & S721 Scope (Structural Engineering) of services includes the following services

  • Task #1: Inspect exterior elevated elements to meet the above provisions and comply with SB326 & Civil Code Section 5551. The exterior elevated elements will be selected by our inspector in conjunction with the HOA and property manager for notifying tenants in advance.
    • For example:
    • The statistically significant sample size of 80 balconies is 66.
    • The statistically significant sample size of 40 stairways is 36.
    • A minimum of 102 EEE’s are required to be inspected for this complex.
    • We recommend our firm inspect all exterior elevated elements (not merely the minimum required by the statistically significant sample).
  • Task #2: Write one (1) page report for each inspected exterior elevated element. Each report will have the official structural engineering (SB326 & S721) seal (stamped/signed) to comply with Civil Code Section 5551.
  • Task #3: Write a 1 page executive summary report and include any relevant sketches for some repair conditions.


  • Task #1: Performed at a mutually agreed upon time by the CLIENT or CLIENT’s representative.
    • No greater than 25 EEE’s will be assessed in 1 trip to the complex.
  • Task #2: Performed within 5 business days of the site inspection.
  • Task #3: Performed within 10 business days of the final site inspection.


Stamped and Signed Reports emailed to the CLIENT or CLIENT’s representative.


  • Full size Drawings/Plans/Blueprints for a building department submittal
  • Calculations.
  • Permit submittal services and administration with the authority having jurisdiction.
  • Guarantees and warrantees.
  • Contractor’s means and methods of construction.
  • STRUCTURAL ENGINEER will not be responsible for demolition, construction debris removal, and hazardous materials identification during our site assessment. If demolition of ceiling elements are required, CLIENT shall provide the appropriate demolition for the structural observations.
  • STRUCTURAL ENGINEER will not review, make observations, show on drawings, or provide information related the existing utility or irrigation lines or any other architectural, mechanical, electrical, or plumbing items, units, or equipment as these are non-structural related items of the project. 

STRUCTURAL ENGINEER may be retained for additional services not covered in this AGREEMENT with an additional agreement upon CLIENT’s request.

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