How to Know If You Need an SB326 Engineer

If you’re an experienced property manager, you’re savvy with all the legal requirements to keep your association in proper compliance while serving your residents with excellent service. You’ve probably heard of the new SB326/SB721 laws that were passed in 2019 and take effect at the end of 2024. You’re probably also aware that only a licensed engineer or architect is able to perform the inspection required to get you in compliance.

But how do you know if you need an SB326 engineer now? Does your property really need an inspection if your property is in good condition? Keep reading to learn more.

You Haven’t Had Your First SB326 Inspection

According to Senate Bill No. 326, a property consisting of three or more multi-family units must undergo its first inspection by December 31, 2024. This applies to both apartments and condominiums. If you’ve already had your inspection and submitted the required information, great! You’ll be set for seven years. If not, you don’t want to wait—the closer it gets to the deadline, the more difficult it will become to secure a qualified SB326 engineer.

Even if you don’t think your property has damage, only a professional SB326 engineer can make an accurate diagnosis. Save yourself the risk and leave it to the professionals to determine.

You See Damage

After performing an inspection of several units on your property, are you able to spot signs of damage like hollow wood, mildew smell, warping or buckling areas, or even droppings or fungal growth? These are all signs of dry rot or termite damage.

Other signs of damage may be more subtle or in their early stages and are more difficult to determine. Ultimately, only a licensed professional will be able to determine damage and recommend adequate solutions so you can be in compliance.

Your Residents Are Concerned about Damage

Similar to the point above, maybe your residents themselves are bringing complaints of the signs of dry rot, termite, or other damage? Take their concerns seriously or be prepared for the repercussions. SB326 and SB721 were passed into law because of one Berkeley apartment complex that failed to heed the concerns of their own residents. They paid the price in the lives of 6 innocent students, an expensive lawsuit, and much more.

If you or anyone else associated with the property have reason to suspect need for an SB326 inspection, call an SB326 engineer right away. Whether or not there turns out to be actual damage doesn’t affect your need to comply with the law.

How SoCal Structural Can Help

As we’ve seen, the question isn’t simply “How do I know if I need an SB326 engineer?” but “When do I need an SB326 engineer?” If you have yet to schedule your inspection, the time is now.

At SoCal Structural, all of our SB326 engineers are fully-licensed and experienced in performing SB326 inspections. We’re proud to provide friendly, thorough service and all the necessary reporting to get you in compliance. Don’t wait till 2024 – contact us today to set up an appointment!

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