Our SB326 Inspection Process

This is the SB326 Inspection process we follow at SoCal Structural for our SB326 Inspections & Reports:

  1. Conduct the initial visual inspection by:
  • Observing conditions on site
  • Taking photos
  • Using moisture meters
  • Using infrared instrument

2. Create field sketch of balcony layout.

3. Write down results of visual inspection on field sketch while on site.

4. Compile data in 1 and 2 to create formalized SB326 inspection process reports of each EEE.

5. Re-Inspect during a follow up visit (if needed).

  • If during the visual inspection the inspector observes building conditions indicating that unintended water or water vapor has passed into the associated waterproofing system, thereby creating the potential for damage to the load-bearing components, then the inspector may conduct a re-inspection.
  • The inspector will exercise their best professional judgment in determining the necessity, scope, and breadth of any re-inspection.
  • All re-inspections will require the property manager’s maintenance workers or contractors to remove surface materials (stucco, waterproofing, drywall, wood siding, plywood, etc.) for the inspector’s re-inspection of the structural system (studs, joists, beams, posts, connections, etc.).
  • All associated work and costs for removal of surface materials shall be at no cost to SoCal Structural.

6. Update initial reports to included information discovered during the re-inspection trip to the complex.

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