What Should Be in an SB326 Report?

So you’ve hired an SB326 engineer—congratulations! You’ve taken the first step toward complying with California state law SB326, ensuring the safety of elevated structures on properties containing three or more multi-family units.

But after your SB326 engineer has made their inspection, you will need them to submit a report following all of the requirements. So what should be in SB326 reports? If you’ve hired a qualified SB326 engineer, they should already know what this entails, but you want to make sure they’ve done everything correctly. Here’s everything you need in an SB326 report after an inspection has been made.

SB326 Report Requirements

First, an SB326 inspection must include a “reasonably competent and diligent visual inspection of exterior elevated elements,” conducted only by a licensed structural engineer or architect. After the inspection, the report generated by your SB326 engineer must include the following elements:

  1. Identification of building components (load-bearing structures and associated waterproofing system)
  2. Current physical condition of said structures, and whether there is any potential threat to residents
  3. Expected future performance and length of remaining usefulness
  4. Recommendations for any necessary repairs

All SB326 reports at SoCal Structural include these required elements so you can be confident you’re in full compliance.

What Do I Do with an SB326 Report?

Now that your SB326 engineer has completed their inspection and written the report, what happens next depends on the extent of any damage found.

If There Isn’t Any Damage

If nothing of concern has been discovered, the SB326 engineer must provide the association with a copy of the report they have stamped or signed as soon as it is complete, which you must then include in a reserve study of your property. This report must then be preserved in your association’s records for at least two inspection cycles, or 18 years total.

If There Is Damage

If any damage is discovered that poses an immediate threat to the safety of your residents, the SB326 engineer must submit a copy of the report to your association immediately, and then to the local code enforcement agency within 15 days. Once you have received this report, you must then take immediate preventive measures and prevent residents from accessing the exterior structure until all repairs are inspected and approved by the enforcement agency.

SB326 Sample Report

You can trust SoCal Structural to follow all required procedures for creating accurate SB326 reports. Just take a look at some of our sample reports below on our other blog entry..

Choose SoCal Structural Today

Now that you know what should be in an SB326 report, you can have confidence that you’ll be in full compliance for nine years. Haven’t found an SB326 engineer to come out and do the inspection yet? SoCal Structural is ready and able Southern California and Northern California. We’ll provide prompt, thorough service and provide you with an accurate and detailed SB326 reports. Call us today to set up a consultation for your inspection.

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